Multi core cables - flat and round

Multi core cables The KINGSWAY multicore flat cables are especially designed for submersible pump motors. Considering the conditions in which submersible cables operate, quality becomes a prime focus.

These cables are specially designed for agriculture sector, bore wells & industrial usage. The copper conductors are insulated with a heat resistant PVC compound and then sheathed with a compound that has a low absorption property and higher strength. This is done so to prevent any kind of damage to the inner current carrying cores, thus resulting in high performance over a long period of time. Also the outer sheathing is tear and abrasion resistant and prevents soil chemicals and small foreign particles in water from entering into the cable.

The online spark tester at 11Kv is able to detect all the faults which are detected in water immersion testing of cables during the extrusion process. The spark tester can detect pinholes, cuts, slits, bare patches, etc. in cable insulation assuring only a safe and reliable product makes out of the manufacturing unit.