Type Of Insulations

Flame Retardant (FR) wire

These wires are made of special insulation material with higher oxygen and temperature indices. This insulation retards flame propagation. Oxygen Index is used as a measure of flame retardant property of the insulating material. The oxygen index indicates percentage of oxygen required for supporting combustion of insulating material at room temperature. While BIS has set a benchmark for minimal oxygen index for wires to be used in electrical applications, KINGSWAY always strives to be a step ahead of the benchmarks.

Flame retardant properties enable the cable to withstand overloads. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapours. This prevents ageing and cracking in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls and chemical industries.

Zero Halogen Flame Retardant (ZHFR) wire

The zero halogen fire-retardant (ZHFR) wire and cable is available for applications where people are present in confined areas. When combined with other fire prevention and suppression practices, fire-retardant, LSZH cables can help minimize fire-related deaths and property damage. The PVC insulation done in case of ZHFR wires is free from halogen, thus preventing emission of corrosive gases under conditions of fire. Because ZHFR releases little or no halogen gas when burned, it reduces the damage to the human respiratory system if inhaled and contributes to less corrosion damage to equipment near the fire.