Radiant PPR

POLY PROPELEYNE RANDOM COPOLYMER (PPR-C) pipes are considered the best carrier of potable water. The PPR-C pipes have come as a strong alternative to the conventional GI pipes which are prone to rust, leakage and scalping.

Radiant PPR pipes have three layers namely inner, middle and outer. Inner layer is bacteria resistant and made using the FOOD GRADE PPR-C. Outer layer is UV-resistant and thus provides protection under direct exposure to the sun light. Due to their chemical features and welding properties, Radiant PPR ensures the plumbing to have a perfect air tight seal system. The Radiant PPR pipes also come with fittings for connections.

The radiant PPR pipes find usage in plumbing Solutions in Residences, Complexes, Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, etc. Also, they find a huge market in agricultural sector as lowering columns replacing the galvanized iron pipes.

The features that separate Radiant PPR from other plumbing solutions in market are :

  • Extremely long service life, i.e 50 years.
  • Resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • No negative influence on water quality.
  • Low specific weight
  • Leak proof & Frost proof.